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About Us

Hifz Suleymaniye UK is a boarding madrasah dedicated to students who aspire to memorize the Holy Quran and attain the esteemed status of a hafiz. Our program is designed for students aged 16 to 20, following the completion of their secondary education.

In addition to their hifz studies, students will delve into supplementary subjects that enhance their Islamic knowledge as an integral part of our curriculum. Thanks to the meticulously crafted and globally recognized Suleymaniye education system, even individuals with no prior knowledge can achieve hafiz status within a span of just 3 years.


The Suleymaniye Mosque London is situated in the heart of Hackney, a diverse borough with a rich history and home to one of the UK's largest Muslim communities. We firmly believe that our primary mission is to serve the needs of the local community and work towards the common good. Our guiding principles are to Serve, Educate, and Inspire.

Construction of The Suleymaniye Mosque began in 1992 and was ultimately inaugurated in 2000. Its establishment aimed to provide lasting solutions for the religious needs of Muslims in the UK. This includes offering appropriate spaces for worship and imparting Islamic education to the youth.

The mosque spans six floors, incorporating two floors for the mosque, complete with a designated ladies' section, classrooms, a library, and accommodations for both Marathon boarding students and hifz students. The mosque also features a minaret.

Given Islam's emphasis on education of all kinds, The Suleymaniye Mosque serves as an institution dedicated to disseminating knowledge to all Muslims, irrespective of age, language, race, or gender.


London Suleymaniye Community Association

For Boys

212-216 Kingsland Road,

Hackney, London E2 8AX


Bright Education & Cultural Association

For Girls

The Holborn casthill road, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 2SX Stoke on Trent

Our Vision

The Suleymaniye Community Association has two interconnected visions that will mutually benefit one another in the years to come:

1. To address the infrastructure and staffing requirements necessary to offer education to all our Muslim brothers and sisters who seek educational opportunities within our service area.

2. To become the premier institution in our region.

Our Values

  • Complete Compliance with the Quran and Sunnah: We adhere fully to the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah (the practices and traditions of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him).

  • High Sense of Responsibility: We carry out our duties with a strong sense of responsibility and commitment.

  • Transparency in Processes: We operate with transparency in all our processes, ensuring openness and clarity.

  • The Embracing Sense of Brotherhood: We foster a spirit of brotherhood and unity among all members of our community.

  • Loyalty to the Basic Principles: We remain steadfast in our loyalty to the fundamental principles that guide us.

  • Ikhlas and Sincerity: Our actions are driven by sincerity and a pure heart.

  • Delivering Services Equally to Everyone: We provide our services equally to all, regardless of language, race, gender, or culture, ensuring fairness and inclusivity for all.

Our Mission

The mission of Suleymaniye is to provide quality education to students in the UK while preserving their ethical and moral values.

The Suleymaniye Community Association focuses on two primary areas of activity:

1. Teaching Islamic Knowledge and Values: Their aim is to impart Islamic knowledge, faith, and Akhlak-i Muhammadiyyah (the moral values exemplified by Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him) to every Muslim without exception, with unwavering loyalty to Ahli-Sunnah.

2. Creating Holistic Environments: They strive to establish physical environments such as classrooms, schools, mosques, kindergartens, halls, and more, where Muslims can fulfill their educational and religious responsibilities consistently.

The association believes that a better world can only be achieved through knowledgeable and sincerely committed individuals (ikhlas). Providing access to religious knowledge and practice for every Muslim, particularly reaching out to a broader audience, is seen as the first step in their educational objectives.

Their guiding principle is that "Every Muslim should be nurtured to lead an exemplary life, benefiting their community and humanity."

To raise future generations with a strong cultural and educational foundation, their prominent goal is to provide high-standard living conditions for their students. With a qualified pool of human resources within the Suleymaniye Community Association, they aim to offer quality education to people worldwide, including disadvantaged groups, contributing to a more equitable and educated global society.

Founder of our Foundation

Abu'l-FâruqSulayman Hilmi TUNAHAN

(Q.S.) (SILISTRAWI) Hazrat

Hazrat Sulaymān Efendi (Q.S.) was a Hanafī in matters concerning āmāl (deeds), a māturīdi in matters concerning I’tiqād (faith) and a Naqshī among the spiritual orders. He was an exceedingly devout member of Ahl-e Sunnah wal Jamā’ah. He strongly advised people to adhere to the tenets of Ahl-e Sunnah wal Jamā’ah, including his disciples, who spiritually benefitted from him and regular followers of his discourses.

In accordance with the divine decree, Hazrat Sulaymān Efendi (Q.S.) was privileged to be the 33. and final ring of Silsilah al-Sādāt after completing his sayr-al sulūk (spiritual Journey) under the supervision of Salāhuddin Ibni Mawlāna Sirāyuddin (Q.S.) who was the 32nd chain in the Silsilah. The tajalliyāt which he experienced was so high that Hazrat Salāhuddīn (Q.S.) had to entrust him to the spiritual hands of Imam Rabbāni Mujaddid-e Alf-e Thāni Ahmad Fārûqi al-Sirhindī (Q.S.) for the rest of his journey.

While approaching the end of time, he became a means for the salvation of people through his endless efforts, taking them from the pits of disbelief and placing them to the heights of īman (faith) and ikhlās (sincerity) and he continues to do so.

The great Ālim-u Dīn, Hazrat Sulaymān Hilmi Tunahan (Q.S.) struggled against every type of Kufr (disbelief) by means of his knowledge and actions. He became the defender of Ahl-e Sunnah at every platform, strived against the firaq-al dāllah (corrupt sects) and eliminated the frictions among the Muslims. He once addressed the public in the following words:

“O Muslim world, do you think that lies and slanders can be attributed to Rasulullah (saw) and his Ashāb (companions). (Don’t even make such an assumption) We (Ahl-e Sunnah) are alive.”

Hazrat Sulaymān Efendi (Q.S.) did not write many books. When asked about the reason for that, he explained in this way:

I have regretfully seen the treasure like, priceless works of predecessors, which were written in candle light, being buried to decay, sold to grocery shops, dumped into bins and abandoned on the library shelves to rot and get dusty. In such a time when the madāris of a nation were shut down, their scripture changed and religious sciences tended to disappear, instead of writing new books, I found it more urgent and necessary to educate ‘living books’ (student) who could understand and explain the content of those scholarly works and transfer the knowledge from lines to the hearts and keep them alive.

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