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Boarding Experience

In our madrasah, we acknowledge the immense value of providing a dedicated and immersive environment for students who are embarking on the noble journey of memorizing the Quran. Boarding schools present a unique opportunity for students to completely immerse themselves in Quranic studies, establishing an atmosphere conducive to spiritual growth and concentrated learning. Residing on-site fosters a supportive community where students can benefit from the guidance of experienced teachers and the companionship of like-minded peers.

By offering clean, comfortable, and well-maintained accommodation facilities, our aim is to establish a nurturing and supportive environment that cultivates a sense of belonging and concentration. We firmly believe that when students feel comfortable in their living spaces, they can more effectively dedicate themselves to the study of the Quran and their spiritual development.



Our dedication to creating a nurturing and comfortable setting for our students is evident in our outstanding accommodation facilities. We are proud to provide clean and comfortable dormitories that emphasize both personal space and a sense of community. Our dormitories are meticulously designed to offer a tranquil and conducive atmosphere for concentrated study and rest, guaranteeing that students have the perfect environment for their hifz journey.

The cleanliness of our dormitories holds paramount importance for us. We uphold stringent standards of cleanliness and hygiene to ensure a wholesome living environment for our students. Consistent cleaning schedules and scrupulous attention to detail enable us to sustain a space that is inviting, fresh, and supportive of both physical and mental well-being.


Relaxing Room

We recognize the significance of offering students spaces where they can unwind, rejuvenate, and cultivate a sense of camaraderie. Our dedicated relaxation room is thoughtfully designed to fulfill these requirements and provides a variety of recreational activities for students to savor.

Furnished with a PlayStation and a table tennis setup, this inviting space actively encourages students to take breaks from their studies and participate in friendly competitions or immerse themselves in gaming experiences. It acts as a central hub for social interaction, enabling students to forge connections, unwind, and revitalize their energy. The relaxation room offers a well-deserved escape from the rigors of hifz, promoting a balanced lifestyle by incorporating focused study with recreational activities.


Laundry Room

Apart from our dormitories, we offer well-kept and conveniently situated laundry rooms. Our contemporary facilities are tailored to cater to our students' requirements, prioritizing comfort and convenience. We acknowledge the significance of personal hygiene and clean attire, and our laundry amenities are readily accessible to guarantee that students have the essential resources for their everyday routines.


Tea Room

Our tea room is a welcoming haven for students to unwind and connect with their peers. We offer freshly brewed Turkish tea and the chance for students to prepare their own coffee. This dedicated space actively promotes social interaction, nurturing friendships and a sense of unity among our diverse student community. Taking breaks in the tea room enables students to rejuvenate, enriching their overall hifz journey by fostering both academic growth and holistic well-being. We place great importance on cultivating an environment that values connection and self-care, where students can relax and contemplate while savoring a cup of tea or coffee.


We firmly believe that knowledge is the gateway to personal development and enrichment. Our library stands as a haven for those in pursuit of knowledge, offering a tranquil and peaceful environment where students can immerse themselves in a diverse array of books. From religious texts to literature, reference materials to academic resources, our library caters to the intellectual curiosity and growth of our students. It provides a dedicated space for research, self-study, or quiet reflection, enabling students to expand their knowledge and broaden their horizons. Our extensively stocked library actively promotes a passion for reading and lifelong learning, lending vital support to students on their hifz journey while nurturing their intellectual development.


Dining Experience

In our madrasah, we recognize the importance of nurturing both the body and mind. We take immense pride in offering a wholesome and delectable dining experience that forms an integral part of our students' daily lives. Featuring a dedicated dining hall and a skilled professional Turkish chef, we ensure that our students savor nutritious and flavorful meals throughout their stay.

Our comprehensive three-meals-a-day plan, which is included in the total fee, provides students with well-balanced and culturally diverse menus. Our Turkish chef adeptly crafts a variety of dishes that cater to diverse dietary preferences and requirements, assuring that each student's individual needs are met. From traditional Turkish cuisine to international flavors, our students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of tastes.

We place utmost importance on the use of fresh, high-quality ingredients, considering both nutritional value and taste. Our dining hall offers a welcoming and comfortable ambiance, fostering a sense of community and allowing students to share their meals together.

Moreover, we understand the significance of dietary restrictions and allergies, and our kitchen staff takes meticulous care to accommodate specific needs. Students with special dietary requirements can rest assured that their meals will be prepared with the utmost consideration for their well-being.

At Hifz Suleymaniye, we firmly believe that proper nutrition plays a pivotal role in supporting the overall well-being and academic success of our students. We are wholeheartedly committed to providing them with nourishing meals that fuel their bodies and nurture their minds, ensuring they are well-prepared to embrace their spiritual and educational journey.


London Suleymaniye Community Association

For Boys

212-216 Kingsland Road,

Hackney, London E2 8AX


Bright Education & Cultural Association

For Girls

The Holborn casthill road, Newcastle under Lyme, ST5 2SX Stoke on Trent

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